100% NATURAL Ingredients: Milk Protein, apple, pea, natural flavor, fat, calcium, soy lecithin and apple pectin.


Chicken chew: chicken meal

Salmon, Puppie and Senior chews: krill and salmon meal

Peanut butter chew: real peanut butter

Beef, duck, lamb, ham and chorizo chews: equivalent yeast base flavors


Safety first!

One of the most important aspects of this new breed of chews is safety. Unlike the majority of the existing chews in the market, PLUTOS chews were specially designed not to splinter allowing dogs to chew and, at the same time, enjoy what they are chewing until the end.  PLUTOS is hard enough to be enjoyed as a chew but gets sufficiently soft with saliva and biting action to be safely chewed by different dog ages and sizes, preventing teeth from breaking, choke hazard, or stomach/intestine blockages. 

Digestibility is the most important issue when choosing a chew. It is very important because you will want that the chew do be digest as fast as possible if your dog swallows a chunk of the chew.

Dental plaque cleaning 
Our products contain casein, a lactose free and low fat milk protein, which has an antibacterial effect that neutralizes bad bacteria, preventing the formation of plaque eliminating bad breath at the same time.

Since its is rich in calcium It also reinforces teeth enamel crown.

  • Quality - it's a product that adds value for dogs health, it's not a simple chew to entertain, it is also very good for his health and well-being. A cheese protein chew packed full of taste and very safe.
  • Acceptability 99 to 100% - is a new type of chew, made from lactose-free milk protein, is a product that dogs love to chew, rich in proteins, calcium, and vitamins with enormous important advantages over other existing products in the market.

  • 100% digestibility - a test made by the American company PETMECH, a leader in pet food tests, which classified PLUTOS digestibility as "EXCELLENT".
  • Safety - is a very safe product unlike most existing chews on the market. It does not fragment and does not shatter into sharp pieces, the action of the teeth and saliva softens the chew so that it can be enjoyed by dogs of different ages and sizes.
  • Benefits - various health benefits, cleaning dental plaque, and reducing bad breath. Sometimes bad breath arises due to the lack of oral hygiene (there are also other causes). Giving PLUTOS regularly, dogs keep their teeth clean and free from unpleasant odors. Slow digestibility favours fat loss, increasing metabolism, and the feeling of well-being and satisfaction. Fat-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.
  • The dog's pleasure - it's a huge pleasure for dogs, you can see that it's a moment of pure pleasure for them. PLUTOS has a wide variety of flavours, why? Dogs are like us, they have taste preferences, some prefer chicken, others salmon, others duck... with PLUTOS variety there is certainly one that even the most demanding dog will like.
  • Comfort and safety - there is no problem to give a PLUTOS to your best friend anywhere in the house. No fat, no stain on carpets and sofas, and also doesn't release unpleasant odors.