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PLUTOS Healthy Chews

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Anti-stress effect

100% natural


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•    Human grade lactose free milk protein
•    Water: The absolute best Madeira Island water
•    Preservatives and antioxidants: Vitamin E
•    Natural Ingredients
•    Emulsifier

Colorants: annatto, beetroot, cochineal, lycopene (no artificial colorants)
BEEF: yeast extracts
CHORIZO: yeast extracts
SALMON oil enhancer
PORK HAM: yeast extracts

Hypoallergenic is the characteristic of provoking fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. We choose our products very carefully and from the best suppliers. Our partners always ensure us that their products are safe. Before giving your dog a chew please verify if the dog is allergic to any of our ingredients.

Where are the natural ingredients sourced from?All-natural ingredients are sourced from European companies with a proven record of good manufacturing practices.

PLUTOS are 100% cheese. We can classify the type as a "Firm sound rind" type pf cheese. That means that the external surface of the cheese is firm and thick consistent with the size of the cheese; is not easily dented or damaged; is dry, smooth and closely knit to protect the interior quality from external defects; and is externally free from checks, cracks, breaks or soft spots.The shiny effect is basically protection. It is a very thin layer of the outside skin that gets shiny with the type of drying we use - air effect. With age, sometimes lose it.

Depending on the markets and clients we apply either certified pork fat or extra virgin oil.

Some dog chews like PLUTOS, LAIKA BONE, Yak chews and animal soft parts are edible. Others like nylabone, real bones, rawhide, plastic bones or silicone bones with flavors can be "considered" edible but they are not digestible, and they may be dangerous or not bring anything positive to the health of your dog.


✔ PLUTOS Healthy Chews are a new generation of chews!
✔ 100% Natural
✔ Lactose, gluten and fat free
✔ High quality protein
✔ Anti-stress effect
✔ ​Low calories
✔ No Splinters - Safer to chewon
✔ No fat - No stains

PLUTOS Cheese & Beef ChewPLUTOS Cheese & Chicken ChewPLUTOS Cheese & Chorizo chewPLUTOS Cheese & Duck Healthy ChewPLUTOS Cheese & Pork Ham Chew

Brand new

100% natural

Made from casein, high quality milk protein, lactose free, gluten free. Casein cleans and promotes dental protection against bacteria Casein slow digestibility promotes fat loss because increases metabolism and Satisfaction feeling.

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"Hello. After trying out some of your products on my dog, I would like to stock some in my shop (named above). Please email me details of how to become a stockist and how to order your products. Thank you."


Hello. I recently purchased your treat and brought it home for my little girl. I have tried giving her similar chews before and she would not even take them. She loves plutos chew bone and l am so thankful for this. We have tried many different chews as she is 10 months old and can chew through many bones quite quickly. We finally have something that we can give her to keep her busy for longer than 30 mins. Thank you so much. Even though I am Canadian my parents are from Portugal and I am proud this is made in Portugal.


"Hi I am reaching out because our dog loves your Pluto beef cheese dog bones. We are unable to find any stores selling different flavors in our area. Could you please let me know where we could purchase different flavors of these chewy bones. Thank you."


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